2016 Quilts

The 2016 Folk Art Quilt Album 

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100s: (Large, over 60 inches on longest side)

101 "Making it Up," Judith Wallace, Warwick

102 "Mo Moy Stars," Natalie L. McKenna, Coventry

103 "The Wonder of Autumn," Nancy Gries, Bradford

104 "Front Porch," Catherine L. Tempest, North Kingstown

105 "Ladies of the Sea (Modified)," Jeanne Girard, Jamestown

106 "Stars," Joyce Reusch, Wakefield

107 "Feathered Star," Jane Viglionese, Peace Dale

108 "Liam's Gift," Mary M. Beck, Saunderstown

109 "I've Got my Eye on You," Patricia Maciejewski, Wakefield

110 "Apple Pie," Lynn A. Thurston, Portsmouth

111 "Defiant Hosta," Mary Loftes, Wakefield

112 "Sentiments," Eileen Halloran, Narragansett

113 "Four Star General," Christine Bagley, Middletown

114 "Plain + Fancy Block of the Month," Jo-Anne Lombari, West Warwick

115 "Sweet Sixteen," Donna Maresco, Wakefield

116 "Baskets of Flowers," Regina Blair, Wakefield

117 "Mexico Sun," Patricia Bruno, Wakefield

118 "Lucky Charms," Carol Kaufman, Kingston

119 "Hidden in Plain View," Barbara Mays-Stock, Cranston

120 "Star Bright," Jamie Radke, Saunderstown

121 "Country Mile,"  Elizabeth Greene, East Greenwich

122 "Friends Together," Elizabeth Greene, East Greenwich

123 "Triple Barnstar Quilt," Rosemary Lightbown, Wakefield

124 "Dancing on the Grates of Hell," Mary E. Cline, West Kingston

125 "Red Scrap Quilt # 1," Mary E. Cline, West Kingston

126 "French Bouquet," Carolyn D. Curtis, Narragansett

127 "For Bill," Patricia Griffin, Wakefield

128 "Forever Daisy," Patti Finelli, Narragansett

129 "Quilt of Many Colors," Patti Finelli, Narragansett

130 "Narragansett Blues," Mary Elizabeth Slinko, Providence

131 "A Quilt for Erica and Matt," Chery Morrone, Bradford

132 "Butterflies," Shirley Tucker, Wakefield

133 "Baskets," Linda Ferraro, Narragansett

200s (Medium, Between 36-60 inches on longest side)

201 "Blazing Stars," Patti Finley, Narragansett

202 "Berta's Arrowheads," Roberta Berker, Charlestown

203 "Amber's Phoenix," Susan Goodwin, Exeter

204 "Garden Cat," Susan Goodwin, Exeter

205 "Nine Patch and Rail Fence," Kate Conroy, Exeter

206 "Sisters Forever," Kate Conroy, Exeter

207 "Revenge," Susan Victoria, Ashaway

208 "True Blue," Rosemary Lightbown, Wakefield

209 "Spangled Stars," Rosemary Lightbown, Wakefield

210 "Mighty Mickey," Carolyn Gardner, Wakefield

211 "Lucky Charms," Carol Kaufman, Kingston

212 "Christmas Windows," Carolyn Lunt, North Kingstown

213 "Elephants," Christine Bagley, Middletown

214 "Be Colorful," Evie Cherms, Wakefield

215 "Sturbridge Village," Barbara Burford, Narragansett

216 "Sweet Dreams Lily," Marsha Reis, North Kingstown 

217 "Whose Baby am I?," Patricia Maciejewski, Wakefield

218 "Grandchildren Birthday Quilt," Jeanne Girard, Jamestown

219 "Stars and Lanterns," Nancy A. Gries, Bradford

220 "Yuletide Joy," Diane Roman, Wakefield

221 "Afternoon Tea," Barbara Mays-Stock, Cranston

222 "Modern Blue Star Mom," Tina Craig, Wakefield

223 "Nothing Rhymes with Orange," Polly Poulin, East Hampton, Conn.

224 "Pretty Darn Good," Gretchen White, Carolina

300s (Small, up to 36 inches)

301 "Funky Chicken," Patti Finelli, Narragansett

302 "Old Linen," Susan Goodwin, Exeter

303 "Anyway the Wind Blows," Pamela Roberts, Carolina

304 "These Dreams," Pamela Roberts, Carolina

305 "Emeralds," Jamie Radke, Saunderstown

306 "Wedding Ring Iris," Patricia A. Bruno, Wakefield

307 "Falling Leaves," Susan Van Ness, Narragansett

308 "Orlando," Christine Bagley, Middletown

309 "Oh the Places We've Been," Steffanie Windus, Kingston

310 "Not Olaf," Steffanie Windus, Kingston

311 "Mountain View Colorado," Steffanie Windus, Kingston

312 "Garden Stars," Catherine L. Tempest, North Kingstown

313 "Tranquility," Diane Roman, Wakefield

314 "Jeweled Wildflowers," Tina Craig, Wakefield

315 "Amelia's Color Challenge,"  Tina Craig, Wakefield

316 "Changing Gears,"  Tina Craig, Wakefield

400s (Non-Traditional Shape)

401 "Fiery Tote," Marsha Reis, North Kingston

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