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Some highlights of the year

31st Annual Folk Art Quilt Show & Family Day

q16 view 1q16 Jane V & her winning quilt

Above, left: Jane Viglionese and her winning quilt, Feathered Star.
Above, right: An overview of the show.
Below: Storyteller Marc Levitt entertains his audience at Family Day.

DSC 0868

Annual South County Tourism Council Photo Contest, Aug. 26-Sept. 10


Above, the two first-prize winners of the 2016 contest. Left, Love by the Light of April's Full Moon,
by Ingrid Mathews. Right, Summer Soltice at the Pond, by Gina Campbell.  

Click here for the other prize-winners and a selection of other entries.

Bill Harley, July 14

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 12.09.18 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-16 at 12.10.10 PM

Musician and humorist extraordinaire Bill Harley drew an audience

of about 220 people in his third annual appearance on our lawn.

Fourth of July Chick Hatch

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.49.53 AM

It was a festive day. Airplanes again zoomed overhead (last time, an air show
preview at our Taste of Summer; this time spraying out 
an insurance company
commercial), the band played, and kids romped through the Please Touch
section. Almost 500 of our friends and neighbors came to celebrate the day
and cuddle the some 200 Rhode Island Red chicks (probably a new record
of achievement by our hens) that hatched on or around the Fourth. Again,
many thanks to our sponsor for the occasion, 
Astro of New England
Moving & Storage

Printer Swap, June 30, July 1

printer exchange

It took two long, hard days for printer Ed Shunney (no hat) and Steve Nelson
of Antyke Letterpress Printing Equipment, in North Scituate, R.I.,  to get our
latest Print Shop attraction, a ca. 1835  Acorn Press, inside and into position.
And to say good-bye to an old Chandler-Price letterpress (top right). The door
(top left) was just an inch or so too small, so it took deflating the trailer's rear
tires and jacking up its front to get the Acorn in and the Chandler-Price out.
The latter was expendable because we have a smaller version of the same
model and we needed its space for the Acorn.

We wanted the Acorn because it was one of the last representatives of a
standard printing technology that extended back 400 years — to the 1439
press of Johannes Gutenberg — using the pressure generated by the 
of a screw to press inked type to paper. Our other letterpresses are based on
the jaw-closing mechanism pioneered by George Gordon in 1850. (We have
one of his machines too.)

Taste of Summer Fundraiser, June 10

TS16 Paul Osimo & MeliaYoungest summer taster, Amelia Osimo, 1 month old, with her mom, Katy Dika

At the left, above, is Paul Osimo and daughter Amelia, who appeared at
this year's Taste of Summer. At the right is Amelia at last year's Taste with
her mother, Katy Dika. More than 170 people showed up to celebrate theonset of summer
with us, and, incidentally enjoy a preview overhead of the
National Guard Open House Air Show.

Sheep Shearing, June 17

ss 16 03ss 16 02

Our ovine residents got their annual trimming on this bright, clear day.
Sammie Patti deftly handled the shears, inflicting but one nick among all
four sheep, somehow leaving her perfectly manicured blue fingernails
intact. Meanwhile her father Tony (in the darker hat and shirt) and SCM's
executive director Jim Crothers did the heavy lifting. There's no real market
for this wool — some of it went for  mulch — but it's literally a really cool
thing for the sheep.

Jan Munroe's Visit, June 17

Jan Munroe revisited  her wedding dress
and our 1928 Model A Ford Roadster, both
which she donated to the Museum
some years ago. The roadster, which is
still in operating condition, was donated
with the idea that it might become part of a
collection of vintage automobiles. We have
four such vehicles but the larger collection
never materialized. Jan and her late
husband Ken were active in Museum affairs
in the early 1990s.
They founded and ran a major South County real
estate agency in Wakefield, Munroe Realty, now
run by her grandson Ken.

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