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Annual South County Tourism Council Photo Contest

These photos were on exhibit at the Museum from August 26 to September 10

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03 Love By the Light of April's Full Moon, by Ingrid Mathews

15 Summer Solstice at the Pond, by Gina Campbell

06 Seagull's View Over Ninigret Pond, by David Weeker

02 Catching a Wave, by Tammy Anderson

09 Beach Runner, by Abselon Zerit

12 And Then the Sun Appeared and Painted the Landscape Gold, by Ingrid Mathews

01 Early Morning Surfer, by Ingrid Mathews

05 An American Vacation, by John Karavas

13 Deer in Snow, by Merrilyn Perry

04 Shadow Kicker, by Abselon Zerit

07 Up, Up and Away, by Gina Campbell

08  Jump Wachaug Pond, by Jen Lawing

10  Perfect Spot in a Fall Picture, by Ingrid Mathews

11 Golden Misty Morn, by Ingrid Mathews

14 Snowy Owl, by Merrilyn Parry

16 Sunrise at Narragansett Beach, by Loretta J. Smith

17 Tranquility, by Gina Campbell

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