33rd Annual Folk Art Quilt Show

Hello Quilters and Quilt Lovers!!!

September is just around the corner, and we are in full Annual Folk Art Quilt Show prep mode.  Quilt letters and applications for past participants went out in early June.  Time to finish those projects up and get them ready to unveil to the adoring public.  I cannot wait to see what you have been working on.  Mary, Evie and April teamed up again to make us a beautiful quilt to be raffled.  It is called Ruby Slippers.  I will be adding images to the website very soon.

This year is South County Museum’s 85th.  The Museum was launched in 1933 in North Kingstown, and this year we will be holding our 33rd quilt show.  I think that is worth celebrating.  I have a wish to hang at least 85 quilts this year, think we can do it?  South County Museum will also be showing showing items from its collection.  This year the theme will be UFOs or Unfinished Objects in the Museum’s collection.  While you will be surrounded by the beauty local quilters finished in the past year, we will also remember all of those projects that do not get completed because life gets in the way. Look for SCM quilt related program daily.

The Annual Folk Art Quilt Show is one of South County Museum’s biggest fund raisers.  We cannot thank our local quilters and business for supporting us each year.  Quilt Shop owners and other business people, please consider advertising your services in our Quilt Program.  Quarter-page ads are $25, half-page ads are $50 & full page ads are $100.  For more information click here. A special shout out to the-sew-op for already sending in their ad for the 2018 Program.  We greatly appreciate it.  We also have available special event sponsorships.  Please do not hesitate to contact me, Blaire Gagnon, if you have any quilt show related questions at blaire@southcountymuseum.org or 401-783-5400.

White Glove Volunteers Needed:

Due to the incredible amount of work necessary to realize a quality quilt show, volunteers are greatly appreciated to assist with set up and removal of the quilts. In addition, because viewers are not permitted to touch the quilts, white gloved ambassadors are also needed during the event to assist with viewing and to answer questions regarding individual quilts. If you would like to be a volunteer, please contact Associate Director Blaire Gagon at blaire@southcountymuseum.org; 401-783-5400.

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