History of South County Museum

March 28, 2018

Welcome to South County Museum’s new History page.  We have been hard at work putting together the history of SCM from its founding in 1933 to the present day.  What we did not expect during this process was how complicated it would be to recreate this history.  In two weeks, we will begin adding what we have learned to this page because we have realized that to wait until we have a definitive and full history could take another year and perhaps longer.  Thus, we ask that you understand that this history section will be a work in progress.  We will post the history as we understand it at the time it is uploaded to the website.  If we are unsure of something, we will let you know, but we also expect as we delve further into the records this timeline and history may change.  We ask for your patience and understanding if we get something wrong.  We also hope that if you have images, memories, stories, documents, etc. or knowledge about what we post that may help us piece together South County Museum’s history that you will reach out to us. Our hope and expectation is that the History section of this website will grow as our understanding grows, and its navigation will improve as we discover the best way to make this story accessible.

We have also created a series of Facebook posts around the idea of In 1933…., which will roll out every two weeks to place the founding of the museum in a larger historical context.  We begin with what was going on in America but will also add in facts specific to Rhode Island and South County in particular.  Thank you for your interest in South County Museum.  We hope you come back often to celebrate our findings.


Blaire O. Gagnon, PhD

Associate Director