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• Free unlimited regular admission to the South County Museum

• Discounts to our special events

• Invitations to special members-only preview parties and receptions

• Staff assistance using the SCM Archives and Artifact Database

• Subscription to the SCM quarterly newsletter, The Canonchet Gazette.

Memberships & Sponsorships:
Business, Corporate, Events, Etc.

South County Museum is often called a mini Sturbridge Village, and we take this as quite a compliment. Just minutes from Narragansett Bay, our quiet campus of 8 acres, 6 exhibit buildings and the Living History Farm celebrates the rural, martime and village life of South County Rhode Island. In addition to our large main exhibit space, the Metz Exhibition Building, we have a working print shop, a working blacksmith forge, a one-room schoolhouse and the Living History Farm featuring a heritage flock of Rhode Island Reds, plus goats and sheep. We also have several substantial collections from the 19th- and early 20th-centuries, including clothing and other fabrics, cameras, Indian artifacts, toys, farm tools and animal-powered farm machinery, plus early motorcars and animal-powered carriages and sleighs.

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Business Memberships & Corporate Sponsorship

Your business and corporate support are vital to SCM's mission to preserve, interpret and present this heritage. We have a variety of opportunities for you to demonstrate your commitment to this important story and our community. We thank you for your support.

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2017 Event Sponsorships

Family Day: June 10


Our 2017 events kick off with what's most important: family and fun. Family Day celebrates the imagination and ingenuity of childhood through the merger of past & present. Through storytelling, farm & nature tours, crafts, old-timey dress-up, yoga, face painting and games, South County Museum bridges the gap of time by focusing on that which is timeless: coming together as a community.

Highlights of the 2016 event included face painting by South County Art Supply and Dan Wheelan's Homing Pigeon Show. Family Day is a celebration of all the museum has to offer, as we open our doors to local families for a day of good old-fashioned fun and games. Your support of the event directly strengthens our commitment to children and families, which will translate to programming an exhibits specifically designed to engage the next generation. 

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July Fourth Chick Hatch

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South County Museum's Living History Farm is home to two Rhode Island Red heritage flocks. Each year, the museum replenishes its flock; Last year, almost 200 chicks were hatched, and we hosted almost 500 visitors in four hours on July 4. The birds enthrall visitors as they change and grow through the summer. Your support helps SCM continue the proud tradition of agriculture central to South County living. 

Click here for more on how you can support the renewal of our Rhde Island Red Heritage flocks and our Living History Farm!

32nd Annual Folk Art Quilt Show: September 15, 16 & 17

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Over the past 31 years, thousands of quilts made by quilters throughout the region have graced the Metz Exhibition Hall during the Annual Folk Art Quilt Show. In 2016, 400-plus attendees delighted in 75 community quilts plus a crazy quilt created and signed by friends and parishioners of the Rev. Andrew C. Strachan, and dated April, 1900. This historic quilt was recently donated to SCM. A grant from the American Quilt Study Group enabled SCM to build a museum-quality slant board on which to display this and future quilts. Four additional SCM collection quilts were displayed during the Bed Turning program. Your support of this year's event helps us celebrate both the history of quiltmaking and its vitality as a contemporary art form.

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Illuminations: October 20 & 21

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This year, South County Museum will present a new interactive event called Illuminations that will explore the beauty of light and the history of illumination through a series of outdoor exhibits.  Visitors will explore how innovations in light, from candles to lamps to electricity, changed the social environments in both technical and artistic ways. Whether it was the adoption of electricity in local mills to cut down on accidents, the lighting of store windows to draw in customers, or draping strings of light to celebrate holidays, light and design worked hand-in-hand to turn light into something useful, beautiful and fun. This event is scheduled for after dark and is designed for adults and kids. We estimate the attendance will be about 400.

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Additional Support/Sponsorship Opportunities

This year, South County Museum recognizes that philanthropy is not easy for businesses or individuals. We are always open to any and all means of support, whether it be gift cards to your own business, local businesses where we can shop for supplies, or a donation of services of materials. We know you are inundated with requests, and we thank you for considering supporting South County Museum in 2017. 

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Annual Fund 

Daryl A. Anderson Leadership Fund

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To pay by check or purchase a gift membership for another person, please send a check made out to South
County Museum
and mail to:

South County Museum

P.O. Box 709

Narragansett, RI 02882

Please indicate the name, address and telephone number of the intended recipient, along with the type of membership(s)
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Your Support Enables SCM to:

¶ Make needed improvements to the Metz Exhibit Hall, the Craft Buildings, and the Visitor Center

¶ Expand community outreach to families with the Book in a Basket and Museum Explorer programs

¶ Initiate the development and installation of new exhibits throughout the museum campus

¶ Increase the number of special events such as the Antique Automobile Show and Boy Scout Roundup

¶ Provide Museum Memberships to individuals and families who would benefit from museum participation

¶ Purchase supplies such as wood products for the Carpenter Shop and coal and steel for the Blacksmith Shop

For more information, contact Associate Director Blaire Gagnon at or 401-783-5400.

A message from our director

Dear Friend,

The  South County Museum has one of the most diverse collections in the state, dating froom pre-European
settlement to the mid-20th 
century. Our archival data base provides an electronic record of the most valuable
pieces. The Museum's conservastion program is an ongoing effort to preserve our heirlooms.

Membership with the South County Museum is truly a gift of history. Your participation in our shared legacy
contributes to the health of our organization and ultimately, our community.

Since our founding and incorporation in 1933, the purpose of the South County Museum has never changed.

We encourage the stud and understanding of early American life and industry in the home, in the shop, on the
farm and on the seas. We seek especially to 
discover, identify, classify, preserve and exhibit the tools, implements,
instruments, vehicles, appliances and mechanical devices used by craftsmen, farmers, housewives, marines,
professional men and other workers in South County.

Your support gives value to our past by securing the Museum's future. 

Please renew your membership today by going to our Join & Support page!

Jim Crothers,





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