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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the South County Museum?

The South County Museum is located at the end of Strathmore Street in the town of Narragansett, Rhode Island.

What should we bring?
In mosquito and tick season, long sleeves, trousers and bug spray or lotion are strongly recommended. Wearing a
hat is a good idea on sunny days.

May we picnic?
Yes, with staff permission. Two tables with benches (courtesy of the Men's Group at St. Mary Star of the Sea) are
located on the north lawn near the Metz Exhibit Building. Four more are at the south end of the campus, adjacent
to the Robinson Family Cemetery. Please remember - whatever you bring with you, leaves
with you, including trash.

What else is there to see and do in the area?

  1. Marked nature trails, with planks bridging wet areas, allow walkers to explore much of
    Canonchet Farm, a 174-acre protected area owned by the town of Narragansett.
  2. On-line Historic Walking Tours throughout Narragansett Pier await more ambitious amblers. There’re also the
    nearby Town Beach, Pier Marketplace, Sea Wall and The Towers to explore.
  3. We belong to an informal association of museums and performance and event venues known as the Culture Coalition.
    Links for them and other such institutions in South County can be found on our Links page.
  4. The Narragansett Chamber of Commerce’s visitor center is located at the base of The Towers. South
    County Chamber’s visitor center is located just off Tower Hill Road near Shaw’s market. Either can supply
    you with additional information.

Is there parking for RVs and campers at the Museum?

There is ample parking space for all kinds of vehicles. We do not offer any special RV or camping facilities.

May I take pictures of the Museum’s artifacts and exhibits?

Absolutely. With or without flash.

My kids love to touch things. Is that a problem?

In some areas, yes. (Particularly in the print shop.) But little fingers are fine in most parts of the Museum; many
exhibits are protected in an exhibit case. Also, there’s a section in the Metz Exhibit Building where both children
and adults may touch stuff to their heart’s content. Here you’ll find toys, coloring books and other things that
children can play with. A sign saying “Please Touch” marks the area.

Can I leave my three-year-olds somewhere while I see the museum?

Yes, indeed. The "Please Touch" section mentioned in the previous answer has been known to keep little ones
entertained for hours.

Do you have a baby-changing station?

Of course! It's in the Ladies' Room near the side entrance of the Metz Exhibition Building, 

May I pet or feed your farm animals?

No one but our staff members are allowed to feed the animals. Some of them may be petted under supervision by
someone on the staff. (We actually encourage it during our July Fourth Chick Hatch!) Remember that animals are
unpredictable: horns, hooves, teeth and beaks may cause injury.
Also remember that our sheep and goats are not always confined to their pens, so tread carefully when walking in
the farm area.  

How would I volunteer at the museum?

Click here for information on volunteering and current volunteer opportunities. 

Policies and Guidelines

* Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted inside our buildings.

* For your own safety, please do not walk or climb on fences, walls or trees.

* Service animals are admitted. Pets are allowed only if on a leash.


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