Chick Cuddling Canceled due to COVID

Unfortunately, we counted our chickens before they hatched. 500 Rhode Island Red eggs were recently set in the museum’s incubators in hopeful anticipation of our most popular event of the year, the 4th of July chick hatch. Sadly, the museum remains closed to the public and the chick hatch has been canceled.

Between 400 – 600 visitors join us each year to welcome the newborn Rhode Island Reds. The continued cancelations of important events while daily operating expenses continue, like feeding the chickens, sheep, and goats, seriously jeopardize our non-profit organization.

If you are a faithful flock follower, consider making a donation online using the “Support” section or by phone. Donations of $20.00 or more will receive a free stuffed animal baby chick to cuddle at home! With your support, we are confident that the museum can weather this storm because birds of a feather flock together. Thank you!