34th Annual Folk Art Quilt Show

Well how has it already become time to start planning for the 2019 Annual Folk Art Quilt Show!  Time flies but I know that the local quilting community is working away creating some amazing pieces.  We cannot wait to transform the Metz Exhibit Hall again into a profusion of beautiful quilts.  I have not yet seen or even received a hit as to what this year’s raffle quilt will look like.  Mary and Evie wait to surprise us just before we open the doors for the summer season in May.  As soon as I see the heirloom to be they bring us, I’ll update our event page with pictures.  This year, we are extending our Friday hours until 7pm to accommodate those with busy weekends who might pop in on their way home from work.  During these evening hours, we plan special demos specifically for quilt novices.

2018 was our most successful show to date, and we could not do it without our local quilters.  Therefore, I hope, if you are reading this and are a quilter, you will generously lend us a quilt or 2 for this year’s show.  South County Museum’s quilt show does not contain the quilts of only one guild, but is open to anyone, regardless of skill level, who wants to share their love of quilting with our community.  Whether you are just learning or a master quilter with 30+ years of experience, we would love to have you join us.  A central goal, of our show is to link the craft of quilting to the present and illustrate it as a contemporary art form informed by the past.  With each stitch, quilters tell their own story, but also link their hands to quilters of today and those that came before.  To have your quilt included in this year’s show, just download the quilt application below (1 application is needed for each quilt submitted) and return to South County Museum P.O. Box 709, Narragansett, RI 02882.  Applications can also be scanned and sent via email to blaire@southcountymuseum.org.  Remember to include an image with each application.  More information is available on the application.

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