35th Annual Show

September 18-20, 2020

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The South County Museum continues to celebrate the history of quiltmaking and its vitality as a contemporary art form with one of the largest and best-attended events: The Annual Folk Art Quilty Show. The continued success of this event is much in part thanks to the dedication and help of our wonderful quilt community led by the intrepid and former Folk Art Quilt Shop owners Evie Cherms and Mary Loftes.

The museum looks forward to September 18 – 20, 2020 to host the 35th show. We anticipate 75 – 100 works of art will be lovely displayed and presented from some of the most talented local quilters. Join us for programming on quilt-related items housed in our collections.

The 34th Annual Results

The 34th Annual Folk Art Quilt Show was a fabulous weekend. Over 100 new and antique quilts were displayed, and we cannot thank our local quilters and community members for coming out to support us. The quilts were amazing again and we are pleased to share with you the winners of the Viewer’s Choice balloting.

The Viewer’s Choice winners in the large category (100s) were:
1st Place: Evie Cherms (122) Wakefield RI for her Flower Garden quilt that was made using Kaffe Facett fabric from her stash. The quilt was commercially machine quilted by April Gilroy.

There was a tie for 2nd Place:
2nd Place: Joan Potter (101), East Providence RI, won for her RI Lights. Joan incorporated patterns from Lisbeth Polouski, Maria Lage, & Maria Thurston as well as a photo by Laura McNamara to make the lighthouse and sailboat blocks.

2nd Place: Nancy A. Gries, Bradford, RI, won for her quilt, The Patchwork Barn. The pattern is by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts. The quilt was commercially machine quilted by Maggi Honeyman.

The Viewer’s Choice winners in the medium category (200s) were:
1st Place: Diane Roman (201), Wakefield, RI, for her Spiral Motion quilt. Diane used a pattern by Kathleen Andrews for Kwiltart and downsized it. It is pieced and machine quilted.

2nd Place: Donna Maresco (210), Wakefield, RI. Donna’s Midnight Silhouette shows off her love of Halloween. She also downsized the commercial pattern she used. Commercially machine quilted by Sharon Mayers.

3rd Place: Jo-Anne Lombari (216), West Warwick, RI. This quilt, Celtic Layers, is based on a commercial pattern for a banner that Jo-Anne squared up. Commercially machine quilted by Sharon Mayers.

The Viewer’s Choice winners in the small category (300s) were:
1st Place: Christine Bagley (309), Middletown, RI. The Year of the Rooster is a fiber copy of a watercolor by local artist Bettie Sarantos. This quilt toured with the 2017 Hoffman Fabric Challenge.

2nd Place: Lorraine Landroche (304), West Warwick, RI. Lorraine’s All Things Bright and Beautiful was inspired by a hymn written by Cecil Alexander in 1848, but also an earlier quote by Samuel Coleridge. Original Pattern.

3rd Place: Steffanie Windus (315), Kingston, RI. Steffanie claims this pattern is easier than it looks once you have the fabrics picked out. Steffanie named her quilt Colorwise. The pattern is Color Outside the Lines by Kelli Fannin.

Special Viewer’s Choice in the non-traditional category (400s)
1st Place: Evie Cherms, Wakefield, RI. Log Cabin Star is a miniature paper-pieced quilt top that was framed like a picture. It received so much attention and votes, even though we normally do not give ribbons in this category because there are so few entries, that we had to celebrate its popularity with the audience with a ribbon.

Prizes for ribbon winners in the small, medium and large categories were generously provided by CT Quilt Works, Mystic, CT. An additional cash prize was provided by Sharon Mayers of Piecing with Poppers, West Greenwich, RI, to the quilt that received the highest number of votes. This quilt was Evie Cherms’ 1st place winning, large quilt, Flower Garden.

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