Sponsor an egg at South County


Did you know that the South County Museum has two different varieties of Rhode Island Red chickens, single comb and rose comb? You don’t need to be a farmer to notice the comb, which is the row of spikes on a chicken’s head. Single combs, as the name suggests, consist of a single straight row of spikes. Rose combs are flat and close to the bird’s head. No matter what their comb looks like, all Rhode Island Reds make cute fluffy chicks— and you can sponsor one!

Come pick out an egg from the farm or let us do it for you. We’ll initial your egg and let you know when it hatches. You can meet the new chick at our Spring Family Event on April 3rd.

For a $50 donation this Spring, you can sponsor an egg and support the museum’s Rhode Island Red heritage flock in the process. Your donation gets you free admission to the Spring Family Event, free membership for a year, and— most importantly— a cuddly stuffed chick!

Reach out to us at info@southcountymuseum.org to sponsor your chick!