And the winner is……

Maria Saracen, West Warwick

This handmade quilt took over a year for quilter Mary Loftes to make. She generously donated it so a lucky winner could enjoy it for a life time. Maria, her husband and son now the best museum gift shop souvenir anyone could get for $1.00.

They stopped by to “take a look around” then decided to purchase a couple of raffle tickets. It was their first visit to the museum. This summer, every visitor was welcomed with free admission. It’s as our gift to a community who always supports us.

Thanks to your generous support, the museum remains a place where anyone can take a break from the modern world in order to step back in time. Thank you for your continued support!

And congratulations Saracens!!!

What to get Lucky?

You might just get LUCKY! What would you do if you won this handmade quilt “Spring’s Revival” for $1.00? Mary Loftes outdid herself this year this year’s donation that is bursting with color.

Not feeling really lucky, for $5.00 you get six! This quilt will bring new life to any bedroom and draw countless compliments from house guests.  All proceeds support the South County Museum, where we offer free admission during COVID to give everyone a chance to step into the past for a brief break from the modern world.

Purchase your raffle tickets today online, in our gift shop, or by calling the office (401) 783-5400. Who knows – it might just be your lucky day…..